Sister “P” Guitar (SPG), formerly Sister P, was born Paulette Brown in St. Elizabeth, Jamaica and lived in Kingston, Jamaica until her migration to New York City at age nine. 

SPG’s noticeable love and interest for music emerged at five years old when she belted out a popular radio song and embarrassed her maternal grandmother in church. You could also catch her dancing and singing in front of her Kingston home for people coming in from the bus stop.

However, it was when she saw Bob Marley in concert as a tween at Madison Square Garden, New York City, that music shifted something that made her fearless about being an artist.  She left that concert knowing for sure that she was an artist, disappointing her parents' dream that she would be the family's first female doctor- after her 4th grade Brooklyn teacher, Mrs. Kramer, skipped her to the 6th grade-straining their relationship. “Back then I breathed and lived the I-Threes and said I’m gonna be the I-Four.  My parents were furious and that kept a guilty rift between me and my music," she said. "I was turning out to be a middle class Jamaican family's worst nightmare- a musician attracted to Rasta people" SPG.  The I-Threes would become her blueprint and strangely, in the beginning, the press often referenced her to the I-Threes – Bob Marley’s harmonizing trio.

Since those early years, she was artistically inclined and was blessed with fostering her innate talents through New York City’s urban exposure to dancing, writing, and music.  In her early teens, she attended dancing school in her Jamaica, Queens (NY) neighborhood, which launched her through the city as a young dancer, performing at renowned venues such as the Apollo Theatre.  While learning the art of dancing, she was inspired and encouraged by her 8th grade teacher, Mrs. Mcketney, to pay attention to her talent of writing.  All in all, SPG is a multi-talented artist but her greatest and most prolific passion lies in music.